How to make times table learning fun!

Key Stage 2 Making Times Tables Learning Fun!

Last time, we focused on how to teach times tables. Now we are going to look at different ways to make learning them as fun and engaging as possible:

  • Buy some outdoor chalk and practise times tables on the patio!
  • Download a free app for children to use to practise their tables – try to find one which also covers the division facts.
  • Play Fizz Buzz (a great car game for the long holiday journeys!) – Choose two sets of times tables that your child knows e.g. x 3 and x 6 and replace any number in the three times table with fizz and any number which appears in both tables with fizz buzz (this works with tables pairs such as 5 & 10, 3 & 6, 2 & 4, 6 & 12 ). e.g 1, 2, fizz, 4, 5, fizz buzz. How high a number can you get up to without making a mistake?!
  • Play hot potato with a beanbag or ball. Throw the ball with a multiplication question, your child throws it back with the answer and the division fact as quickly as possible. This can work well with 2 people or in a group with siblings or friends to add some competition.
  • Make a set of cards with your child, with the question on the front and the answer on the back for multiplication and division facts. This works really well and allows your child to practise independently and check the answer.
  • Use the journey to school or the time when you are preparing tea to shout out some multiplication and division questions for your child, aiming to give only 5 seconds to answer!
  • Buy 2 cheap dice which go up to 12. Keep one dice on the times table you are focusing on and let your child throw the other one to find out which number to multiply it by. Do this at speed and see how many your child can answer in a set time. Can they beat their time? When they are more confident with their times tables up to x 12, they can throw both dice to practise lots of different tables in a random order.
  • Give tables a real life context to help children understand their importance e.g. when sorting out party bags – 12 children x 2 lollies or in the supermarket – 3 juice cartons in a packet x 4 packets.
  • Hang up a times table poster around the house so children are constantly seeing the facts.

Would you like more help for your child with times tables?

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